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Stupid Simple Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss and Fitness

Discover The Nutrition Secrets to Lose Fat and Get in Shape

, April 03, 2019

You should shoot for better health first. And doing that can be remarkably easy and simple. All it takes is long-term commitment to improving health through increased activity and an improved diet. With this approach, slower but longer-lasting weight loss is the usual natural result. And the results are usually much easier to hang onto.

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The Secrets of Killer Wine and Food Pairings

Dining Success – How to Match Your Food and Wine Perfectly

, April 05, 2019

Your food and wine should work together in a complementary relationship like a good marriage. Each one should bring out the best in the other, supply what the other lacks, and (sometimes) even set up an advantageous antagonism (like, for example, sweet-and-sour foods and sauces). It's all just a matter of achieving the best possible taste.

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Camp Quality Michigan for Kids With Cancer – Laugh, Love, Lift Up

Camp Quality Michigan – Letting Kids With Cancer Be Kids Again

, April 17, 2019

For the kids who attend Camp Quality Michigan, the camp experience is a whole lot more than just some outdoor activities for week – providing help in dealing the physical and emotional challenges they face when battling cancer. This camp is designed to ensure that "every child who has been diagnosed with cancer can not only have a summer camp experience, but year-round programs to enhance their quality of life and encourage family time.

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You Don't Have to Suffer With Arch Pain and Heel Pain

What to Do About Arch Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

, April 26, 2019

Arch pain can have one or more of several causes: trauma, sprained ligaments, strained muscles, bruises, poor foot alignment, overuse, joint tightness, arthritis, and stress fractures. Generally, though, plain old sprains and strains from hard and excessive use, stress fractures, and injury to the plantar fascia are the usual culprits for most people. An injured and inflamed plantar fascia, a condition called plantar fasciitis, is probably the most common.

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