Superior Customer Service . . .

The distinguishing mark and defining attribute of Wholesale For Everyone.

Sure, we offer quality products at affordable prices, but our number one priority – and no doubt yours, too – is customer satisfaction.

But What Is Wholesale For Everyone?

Wholesale For Everyone is an online store where you do not need coupons and special deals and promo codes and the like. You don’t need all that because you get significant, daily, discounts on all items all the time – along with free shipping (with exclusive membership).

And we’ve got you covered with a tiered buying structure to meet your specific buying needs. From discounts on single items to even bigger discounts on volume orders, we cater to all buying styles. Wholesale For Everyone is your one-stop shop for bandanas, doo rags, handkerchiefs, hats and caps, and more.

More important, though, we go the extra mile and add the special ingredient that makes for excellence. That’s why Wholesale For Everyone has loyal customers who return again and again.

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Customer Service – Our Top Priority

Above all, we value our customers. We always strive to provide superior customer service and to give back by supporting worthy causes when we can. Our customers can say it better than we can . . .

“I called up WFE and spoke to Jeff. Boom, order placed, and I had the flag material in days. They even waived the shipping cost. I placed another order. Boom, I had that order in a few days as well. WFE delivered. . . . Why would I order from anyone else?”

― Sean G., Mardi Gras float designer and originator of the “Penalty Flag Throw”

“Great service – that’s why we did business with Wholesale For Everyone. They blessed us.”

― Dwayne P. (“Bishop Freeze”), Sozo Missions

“Wholesale For Everyone was looking out for our best interests [with] great prices and awesome customer service.” [They are] “very easy to work with.”

― Barbara K., The Queen’s Cups bakery

“If you have any needs or want to do special things, Wholesale For Everyone has the best prices for bulk orders. I feel like they are a proponent of paying it forward and supporting good causes. Wholesale For Everyone is not just a business, and their bottom line is not just a dollar. They pay it forward and support good causes.”

―Ashley G., McKamey Animal Center

Shipping Options

At Wholesale For Everyone, we want to make sure you get your order in the fastest, most cost-effective way. So we offer both United Parcel Service (UPS) and US Postal Service (USPS) shipping options. On small orders, USPS shipping will be your best choice, and on larger orders, UPS will get you a better deal.

And we are able to ship to your home, office, or organization headquarters within the United States and to most other countries.

Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy

Your satisfaction is 100% unconditionally guaranteed. If you purchase a product from Wholesale For Everyone and it does not meet your satisfaction, we will gladly refund, replace, or exchange your purchase. All you have to do is fill out a Return/Exchange Form to assist us in processing your request in a timely manner.

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