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And the more you buy, the more you save.

About Us 1

Broadly Speaking . . .

Wholesale For Everyone is a division of Nella Cosa Corporation, formerly Airtime Corporation founded in 1996. Because we operate within far-reaching network of wholesalers and manufacturers around the world, we can offer wholesale prices to all our customers.

Our product offerings include bandanas, doo rags, handkerchiefs, hats of all kinds, batteries, laser pointers, backpacks, specialty pens, and more. You can buy single items at discounted prices or make bulk purchases at deep-discounted wholesale prices – with a 30-day guarantee.

Wholesale For Everyone offers a large product portfolio emphasizing quality and affordability.

We also offer custom printing on bandanas, T-shirts, caps, laser pointers, and more. If you want to build team spirit with company sponsorship, this is the way to do it. You can use your design or ours. Our dedicated graphic designers can help you create the custom design that best represents your company or organization.
Simply put, Wholesale For Everyone is the most effective and affordable source for fundraisers, giveaways, and corporate, school, and church events – basically, all your promotional needs.
But we are most proud of our reputation for superior customer service.

What Makes Us Different

Above all, we value our customers. That’s why we always strive to provide superior customer service and to give back by supporting worthy causes when we can. Just listen to what our customers have to say . . .

• “I called up WFE and spoke to Jeff. Boom, order placed, and I had the flag material in days. They even waived the shipping cost. I placed another order. Boom, I had that order in a few days as well. WFE delivered. . . . Why would I order from anyone else?” ―Sean G., Mardi Gras float designer and originator of the “Penalty Flag Throw”

• “Wholesale For Everyone was looking out for our best interests [with] great prices and awesome customer service.” [They are] “very easy to work with.” ―Barbara K., The Queen’s Cups Bakery

• “If you have any needs or want to do special things, Wholesale For Everyone has the best prices for bulk orders. I feel like they are a proponent of paying it forward and supporting good causes. Wholesale For Everyone is not just a business, and their bottom line is not just a dollar. They pay it forward and support good causes.” ―Ashley G., McKamey Animal Center

An individual who needs a single item or only a handful of items?

A hobbyist or crafter who needs a few dozen items?

A retailer who has to have several cases of items?

No matter, we’ve got you covered with the products and a buying structure to meet your needs – from discounts on single items to even bigger discounts on volume orders. And we’ve got the quantity to accommodate all you power buyers, too.
You also don’t need coupons and special deals when you can get our significant, daily discounts on all items all the time. And, really, it just can’t get much better than that. Unless, of course, you also count our talked-about customer service.

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Added Benefits

Yes, at Wholesale For Everyone you get quality products, wholesale prices, and great customer service, as well as custom printing and custom embroidery. But there’s more.

While buying in bulk means significant savings, the benefits go far beyond that. When you sign up for our exclusive membership, you get special privileges and access to offers like . . .

• Free shipping
• No minimum purchase
• Wider product selection
• Soon-to-come special services
• Alerts about featured items

Wholesale For Everyone really is for everyone – everyone who wants to buy quality products and save money.
To discover more about Wholesale For Everyone, contact a customer service representative at 1.800.355.1131 or just roam around the site.