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Pet Bandanas

, February 04, 2019

Pet bandanas & triangles are doggone cute, and they make a great fashion accessory, Plus Bandanas Can Aid Both Dog and Human Health.

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Did You Know That Women Prefer to Sleep With Their Dogs?

Guys, You Lose – Ladies Like Dogs Better to Sleep With

, March 05, 2019

Women sleep better with their dogs than they do with their human partners or even their cats. A 2018 study, conducted by researchers at Canisius College in New York and published in the journal Anthrozoos, found that women report better-quality sleep when sleeping with a pet dog.

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Pupcakes . . . Where Dog Treats and Cupcakes Meet at The Queen's Cups

Find Out About One of Today's Most Talked-About Dog Treats

, March 23, 2019

"But just what is a Pupcake," you ask. Well, it's a cupcake for dogs, as the name suggests. But, really, it's more than that. Basically, a pupcake is a human-edible cupcake with a Milk Bone-like dog treat placed on top. It is made with healthy ingredients like peanut butter, honey, oats, and carrots and made to look appealing to pets and their owners. You can eat them if you want, but then your pups won't get theirs.

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What's New in Dog Treats? We've Come a Long Way Since Milk-Bones

The Coolest New Trend in Pet Treats – Custom-Baked Dog Treats

, March 28, 2019

Dog treats got their start in 1860, when an electrician from Ohio, James Spratt, made a trip to London in order to sell lightening rods. Today's permutations of Spratt's original dog biscuit and then Milk-Bones are truly astounding, ranging from health food treats to Pupcakes.

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Hope and Bandanas for Shelter Dogs at McKamey

How One Dedicated Woman is Making a Difference at McKamey Animal Center

, May 22, 2019

There are increasingly more so-called "no-kill" shelters. These are shelters determined not to euthanize healthy, treatable, or rehabilitatable animals even when at capacity. These shelters deploy a number of strategies to achieve this goal, including greater utilization of volunteers. What happens, though, is that there wind up being long-term residents in these shelters. But that's where people like Ashley Gibson come in. (More on her in a bit.)

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Refusing to Throw a Life Away – Hope for Shelter Dogs

Getting Dogs Back on the Adoption List with Baby Steps

, July 03, 2019

A few weeks ago, we told you about Ashley Gibson and the great work she does with McKamey Animal Center in our blog post titled "Hope and Bandanas for Shelter Dogs at McKamey." Today, we've got an update for you. But, first, to set the stage, here's a little from that previous post . . .

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The Not-So-Secret Ingredient of Our Success

Why Customers Keep Coming Back to Wholesale For Everyone

, July 17, 2019

Wholesale For Everyone is an online store where you do not need coupons and special deals and promo codes and the like. You don't need all that when you can get significant, daily, round-the-clock discounts on all items all the time – along with free shipping (with exclusive membership). Above all, we value our customers. That's why we always strive to provide superior customer service and to give back by supporting worthy causes when we can

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The Number-One Foolproof Tip for the Perfect Valentine's Gift

The Number-one, Stupid-Simple Trick for Valentine's Day Gift Success

, February 09, 2019

Guy's, don't blow it. Don't forget or procrastinate and then rush out at the last minute to buy those cliched flowers and then tack on a grudging offer for a dinner out. There is, though, one gift that will make you a Valentine's-gift champion every time. It's inexpensive, and you can get it with just a few clicks online.

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What's New in Pet Products and Dog Accessories?

Don't Let Your Pup Get Left Behind – Discover the Newest in Dog Products

, May 28, 2020

Moving through 2019 and into 2020, let's look now not at just particular pet products, but at some high-tech pet innovations and trend. And, of course, technology was bound to find its way into the realm of pet toys, dog toys in particular. These are high-tech toys aimed primarily at keeping your dogs entertained while you're away so they won't want to occupy the time by eating the arm on the couch or scratching up the flooring in the bathroom.s in dog accessories

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