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The Top 4 Fitness and Weight Loss Myths Busted

Fitness Myths Busted – Better Ways to Get in Shape and Lose Weight

, May 02, 2019

The kind of activity matters, as well what is burned for fuel during that activity. Jogging is a low-intensity activity that never gets your heart rate very high. Because of that, jogging first burns available carbs for fuel, then protein, and then fat last. And where do you think your body gets the protein to burn for fuel? Some of it comes from muscle. So, ultimately, jogging can cause you to lose muscle mass while still retaining a good portion of your fat.

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The 3 Keys to Effective Weight Loss and Increased Muscle Mass

Discover the 3 Essential Ingredients for Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle

, July 10, 2019

Now, metabolic rate isn't the whole story for weight loss and is determined in part by factors out of your control, such as age, sex, genetics, and body size. In addition to exercising and working out, you also need to do the small, easy things that will up your metabolic rate. Even small steps and seemingly insignificant adjustment can have a cumulative metabolic effect to result in weight loss and health benefits over time.

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