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Stupid Simple Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss and Fitness

Discover The Nutrition Secrets to Lose Fat and Get in Shape

, April 03, 2019

You should shoot for better health first. And doing that can be remarkably easy and simple. All it takes is long-term commitment to improving health through increased activity and an improved diet. With this approach, slower but longer-lasting weight loss is the usual natural result. And the results are usually much easier to hang onto.

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The Top 4 Fitness and Weight Loss Myths Busted

Fitness Myths Busted – Better Ways to Get in Shape and Lose Weight

, May 02, 2019

The kind of activity matters, as well what is burned for fuel during that activity. Jogging is a low-intensity activity that never gets your heart rate very high. Because of that, jogging first burns available carbs for fuel, then protein, and then fat last. And where do you think your body gets the protein to burn for fuel? Some of it comes from muscle. So, ultimately, jogging can cause you to lose muscle mass while still retaining a good portion of your fat.

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The 2 Essential Steps for Better Health and Longer Life

2 Simple Things You Can Do to Be Healthier and Live Longer

, June 13, 2019

Once again your mother was right . . . when she told you not to put bad stuff into your body. You know, things like cigarette smoke, drugs, too much alcohol, and junk food – which you probably did anyway when you were young, but try to avoid now that you're older and wiser. Why would you want to keep consuming substances that are toxic, capable of inducing adverse reactions ranging from headaches to ADD to even seizures? You likely wouldn't if you knew what they were and how bad for you they really are.

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