What Kind of Attorney Do I Need?

You may be wondering what kind of attorney you need and with good reason.

There are over one million active, licensed attorneys in the United States.

These professionals are responsible for more than 40 million lawsuits filed annually in the United States. Outside the court, attorneys provide legal advice, draft and review legal documents, and mediate disputes and negotiations.

Sure, working with an attorney saves you time and money and also keeps you on the right side of the law. 

But, how do you know that you are working with the right one, and how do you know what kind of attorney you need?

What Kind of Attorney Do I Need?

Types Of Attorneys

There are many legal practice areas, and some, like family law, are quite broad with various subsections. And the kind of attorney you need depends on the specific issue you’d like to resolve. 

For example, when seeking child custody, a family lawyer specializing and experienced in child custody is your best bet.

Let’s look at the kind of attorney you may need and what they do.

  • Business attorneys represent businesses in legal cases, draft contracts, and advise on related legal issues.
  • Securities lawyers specialize in investment fraud and wrongdoing.
  • Personal injury lawyers specialize in all types of injury cases.
  • Workers' compensation lawyers represent you when you are injured on the job.
  • Criminal defense lawyers defend you when you have been arrested.
  • Auto accident lawyers solve legal issues associated with insurance claims and auto accidents.
  • Expungement lawyers are best sought when you need to seal your record.
  • Bankruptcy lawyers are good at getting bankruptcy protection.
  • Environmental lawyers ensure that companies adhere to environmental laws and represent them in court when there is an environmental issue. They also represent individuals and communities facing environmental challenges such as pollution from industries.
  • Disability lawyers specialize in disability claims, helping clients get the compensation they need and deserve.
  • Family lawyers deal with everything matrimonial, from marriage to children to divorce.
  • Employment lawyers deal with job-related disputes such as unlawful termination.

So, once you have decided on the type of attorney you need for your case, how do you find a good one?

How To Find A Good Attorney

In 2019, 32% of people in the U.S. used referrals from friends and family to find a good attorney. 17% depended on the attorney’s website, another 17% used on online search engines, and 16% sought referrals from their lawyer friends, while 9% sought referrals from a non-legal professional.

Working with an Attorney

Source: Statista

In addition to asking for referrals and doing online research, you need to do the following:

Create a List

Create a list of prospective attorneys and interview them. 

Most attorneys are willing to meet potential clients at no charge. Before the interview, write down relevant questions to ask the attorney to ensure a meaningful discussion, which will help in making an informed decision.

Note Personality

Take note of their personality. No matter how skillful a lawyer seems, you need to have great chemistry and feel comfortable around them. Otherwise, trust issues may creep in.

A good kind of attorney all around feels trustworthy, reliable, and dedicated to your case. 

Clarify the Issue

Be clear on the type of engagement. For example, are you seeking legal advice but want to represent yourself? Such information influences an attorney’s willingness to work with you. 

Assess Communication and Punctuality

Assess his communication and time-keeping skills. You don’t want a lawyer who shows up late in court, and, worse, doesn’t inform you beforehand. A good kind of attorney will have effective communication and show up on time, every time.

Finding a Good Attorney CAN Be Done

Finding a good kind of attorney is simple, really. 

You just need to understand the area of law concerned, seek referrals, conduct interviews by asking relevant questions. All of this will save you the stress of being misrepresented.

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