The Ultimate Reebok Buyers Guide 2021


Reebok is one of the biggest manufacturers of athletic footwear and apparel in the world. It has collaborated with many big-name celebrities, designers, and athletes. Its clothing features a variety of products for use in any exercise or sports activity. The brand has jackets, pants, leggings and tights, shorts, socks, T-shirts, and many more. Its clothing is designed for breathability, durability, functionality, and sweat resistance. The Reebok brand offers a little something for everyone. This guide delves into the company’s many offerings in 2021 and which product will best fit your needs.


In 2005, Adidas bought Reebok for $3.8 billion, hoping to be more competitive in the U.S. market, where Nike dominates. Adidas announced in 2021 that it would be selling Reebok to focus on its brand. The Reebok headquarters is in Boston, MA.


New arrivals for women’s clothing you can purchase at your local Reebok store include the stylish Lux Bold High-Rise Leggings, made from recycled polyester. The MYT Crew Sweatshirt is an oversize sweater made from ultra-soft cotton French Terry fabric. For men’s clothing, the Allen Iverson the Answer Puff Hoodie and the Les Mills Track Jacket are stylish new releases in 2021.


They are known for footwear, particularly its classic, retro shoes. Many of the current lineups are influenced by retro styles from the ’80s and ’90s. An example is the Club C 85 sneakers.


One of the brand’s iconic shoes is the Reebok Classic Leather. It was first released in the early ’80s and has become one of the company’s most recognized sneakers. If there’s only one shoe you’ll buy in 2021, the Classic is a great option.


The Classic Slide sandal has been popular mostly due to the comfort and cozy design. These slides are crafted just for you. Go from the boardwalk to the court, and then to a barbecue, in style and comfort using these slides.


Over the years, they have continued to develop technology to help enhance an athlete’s performance. For example, the Reebok Nano X1 training shoes have Flexweave and Floatride Energy Foam technology.


The company’s basketball shoes have a unique, retro look. They come in sleek designs and vibrant colors and can be worn on and off the court. The Royal BB4500 H2 XE is a high-top, old-school-style basketball shoe perfect to wear every day. The Pump Omni Zone II Men’s basketball shoe is a remake of the original pair worn by Dee Brown in 1991.


The brand’s running shoes have undergone several designs to make them more efficient. In 2019, the brand created a new version of its Floatride foam, called the Floatride Energy, made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) beads.

According to Reebok, the best shoe for everyday runs is the Floatride Fuel Run. The Liquifect 180 2 SPT is perfect for racing in a marathon. Those looking for shoes to wear on the day of a marathon may be happy with the Floatride Energy shoe. This sneaker is very lightweight and fitted with Floatride technology.

The perfect weightlifting shoe should have arch support, be flexible and lightweight, and have impact absorption.


The perfect weightlifting shoe should have arch support, be flexible and lightweight, and have impact absorption. The Men’s Legacy Lifter 2 has a raised heel to help keep you stable while lifting heavier weights. Reebok’s Power Lite Mid Men’s Training shoes are made with Flexweave, the brand’s most breathable and durable material. It has a grippy rubber platform with a multi-directional outsole for more stability and traction.


Boxer Floyd Mayweather has worn Reebok’s boxing shoes in many of his matches. The company’s various boxing shoes all have similar designs. This footwear has high-ankle support for increased stability, cushioned midsole for shock absorption, ankle strap, and mesh fabric.


Reebok sells various athletic products tailored for women, such as tank tops, sports bras, and running shoes. Each of the products was designed to help crush their personal athletic goals.


There are specific shoes for women best suited for certain conditions and activities. We recommend the Floatride Energy 3 Women’s Running sneaker for those who want one pair of versatile, everyday running shoes. The Liquifect 180 running shoe is good for various terrains and the Floatride Run Fast Pro Women’s for improving race time.


A well-fitted and supportive sports bra is as important as finding the perfect sneaker. The PureMove Bra has Motion Sense Technology, meaning it stiffens or releases based on movement during a workout. Reebok’s High-Impact Bras are made with moisture-wicking fabrics and mesh panels for breathability. These sports bras have wide bottom bands for stability and adjustable straps.


The sportswear company has a wide assortment of shoes for kids. Kids need to have comfortable, high-quality shoes. Running and basketball shoes are available for older kids and teens starting to play competitive sports.

There is a Peppa Pig Complete CLN 2 shoe for preschoolers who are fans of the cartoon character. The Zig Dynamica shoe is comfortable to be worn every day. The Club C Revenge has the classic, old-school silhouette and comes in various colors and stylish designs.


Collaborations have resulted in successful sneaker collections. The brand has worked with many athletes and celebrities such as Cardi B, Allen Iverson, and Victoria Beckham.

Reebok’s Club C sneaker line is one of its most popular. Its collaboration with Cardi B features a redesigned Club C, with a shiny patent leather upper.


The Cardi B  collaboration took the iconic Club C shoe and redesigned it into a functional yet very stylish sneaker. Details include a platform midsole and a shiny patent leather upper, and the 2021 lineup features new neon colors in green, pink and white.


Perhaps one of the company’s most successful collaborations is with basketball legend Allen Iverson. The Allen Iverson partnership began over 20 years ago with Iverson’s first signature sneaker, The Question. For its 25th anniversary in 2020, the brand reissued the original Question Mid’s suede-toe detailing from 1996. The 2021 Question Mid Men’s basketball shoe was recreated from the 2001 original and has the word “Why Not Us?” printed on the tongue.


The Reebok Victoria Beckham Dual Court collaboration dropped and featured luxe fabrics with modern details. Beckham focused on performance and functionality when it came to the materials she chose. The collection also has subdued hues such as burgundy and stylish accessories.


The Pyer Moss collaboration was released in October 2020 and featured men’s, women’s, and unisex products that reimagine many staple pieces. The Experiment 4 Fury Trail by Pyer Moss sneakers is a contemporary take on the chunky footwear trend. It will be a statement item in anyone’s wardrobe. Unfortunately, it is completely sold out currently.


Maison Margiela is a luxury French fashion house known for its ready-to-wear collection. The Maison Margiela collaboration combines classic silhouettes, such as the Club C, with the fashion house’s troupe-l’oeil design. The Club C design gets a Maison Margiela treatment, creating a 2D optical illusion on the sneaker.

Reebok has an extensive collection of athletic wear specifically designed to meet your particular workout needs. Not only are its clothing and shoes functional, but they are also stylish. If you’re looking for new sneakers or workout wear, check out the links to find the right gear for you.

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