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5 Easy Bandana Craft Projects You'll Love

Find Out How to Get Creative With Your Bandanas in 5 Different Ways

, October 16, 2019

The simplicity of the bandana – nothing more than a cotton square – is the primary attribute that makes it so versatile. And that versatility-from-simplicity is what makes bandana craft projects both fun and easy. Here are just a few of the many things you can make with your bandanas . . .

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Know Who Won the 2019 Wheelchair Games?

Burke's 2019 Wheelchair Games – Athletes Combine Fun With Recovery

, October 09, 2019

The Wheelchair Games typically include participants who span the age spectrum – from as young as five years old on up to 70. They compete in a variety of events such as wheelchair slalom races, javelin throwing, and table tennis, and they all get a plaque and a goody bag containing bandanas donated by Wholesale For Everyone. This year's Wheelchair Games, the 40th annual held on September 21, boasted 50 athletes. In addition, a new twist this year was the incorporation into the Games of the Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Sports and Vendor Expo in honor of Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Month (September).

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Discover How Volunteers Make Recovery Fun at The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

The Burke Rehabilitation Hospital – Where Getting Better Gets Even Better

, August 13, 2019

Human beings are composite creatures made up of much more than atoms and molecules configured into a particular shape. The staff at Burke know that recovery is about a lot more than making patients' bodies work better. Their success lies in large part in addressing the emotional, psychological, and spiritual aspects of patients' recovery.

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Self-Expression for Psychological Health

One More Reason Why Bandanas Are Good for You

, July 23, 2019

In our modern Western society, we are inundated with media messages and bombarded with images about how we should act, look, and think. As a result, many people are seduced into a kind of faux self-expression. They think that self-expression simply consists in going against the grain – flouting societal norms in the most outlandish or subtle way possible. Although that can be self-expression, it usually isn't true self-expression.

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One Easy Way to Make More Money with Greater Passive Interest Income

Make Money the Easy Way with Passive Income From Higher Savings Interest

, June 26, 2019

One huge obstacle to making any real effort at saving is the typical low interest rates banks and credit unions and other financial institutions offer on savings accounts. There's just not much incentive to save. My bank, for example, has an APY (or annual percentage yield) of just slightly more than half a percent, 0.55%. Half a percent is pitiful enough, but it gets much worse . .

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Read the Remarkable Story of Young Lives Restored at Sozo Missions

Sozo Missions – Providing Hope and Love for At-Risk Teens

, June 20, 2019

Former gang member Dwayne Parker is the founder and director of the inner-city outreach Sozo Missions. His goal is to help kids coming out of juvenile prison and foster care, as well as to give the needed guidance to others to keep them from going down that road. Dwayne and his staff and volunteers work primarily with elementary and middle-school kids, providing love and meals to the kids. His staff spend one-on-one time with kids and provide ongoing support, visiting them in their homes and even attending their graduations.

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Stupid Simple Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss and Fitness

Discover The Nutrition Secrets to Lose Fat and Get in Shape

, April 03, 2019

You should shoot for better health first. And doing that can be remarkably easy and simple. All it takes is long-term commitment to improving health through increased activity and an improved diet. With this approach, slower but longer-lasting weight loss is the usual natural result. And the results are usually much easier to hang onto.

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The One-Stop Shop for All Buying Styles – Discounts From Single Items to Dozens to Cases

Discounts From Single Items to Cases With All the Quantity You Need

, March 22, 2019

No matter your buying needs, we've got you covered with a buying structure that caters to different audiences. From discounts on single items to even bigger discounts on volume orders, we cater to all buying styles. Wholesale For Everyone is your one-stop shop. And we've got the quantity to accommodate all you power buyers, too.

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How to Choose the Right Supplier or Vendor for Your Business

Find Out How to Make Money the Easy Way with the Right Supplier

, March 01, 2019

You rely on chosen vendors and suppliers for those business needs. But if you don't choose wisely, you don't make money the way you should. You spend way too much time (which is indeed money for business owners) putting out customer/client fires, chasing down orders, and scrambling to have what you need to do business. Let's see, then, how to choose the right vendors and suppliers.

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Pet Bandanas

, February 04, 2019

Pet bandanas & triangles are doggone cute, and they make a great fashion accessory, Plus Bandanas Can Aid Both Dog and Human Health.

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Daniel Project and Bandana Claus – An Incredible Story of Tragedy Overcome Through Self-Giving

Daniel Project: Providing Hope and Comfort for Young Cancer Patients in Costa Rica

, February 05, 2019

But in Costa Rica, an important trading partner and a country with which we maintain close diplomatic relations, Daniel Project (Proyecto Daniel) has stepped up in the last few years to fill that need for young cancer patients. It's an incredible story that inspires hope with the triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

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Bandana Claus's Bandana Source for Daniel Project - Customer Service, Selection, and Quality Save the Day

Bruce Kujawski and Wholesale For Everyone Brighten the Lives of Cancer Patients in Costa Rica

, February 01, 2019

You may not believe in Santa Claus, but you'd better believe in Bandana Claus. He's real, and he delivers Christmas bandanas to young cancer patients in Costa Rica every year. His name is Bruce Kujawski, and he had a bandana supply problem till he discovered Wholesale For Everyone.

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The "Coolest Ace on the Planet" Tackles Domestic Violence and Lack of Healthcare

Find Out How Intown Ace Hardware, with Help from Wholesale For Everyone, Aids Victims of Domestic Violence and Families Needing Healthcare

, November 03, 2019

Intown Ace Hardware is a unique place and was once voted the coolest Ace on the entire planet. On December 10, Intown hosted its second annual "Ladies Night" (with donated bandanas from Wholesale For Everyone) to show appreciation for customers – while raising funds for WRCDV (domestic violence) and CAPN Clinics (healthcare for underserved populations).

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