Dad Hat 101: An Exclusive Dad Hats Cotton Cap Buying Guide

Dad Hat 101: An Exclusive Dad Hats Cotton Cap Buying Guide

One of the most classic accessories for men is the baseball cap, also referred to as the dad hat. If you're looking to buy one, there's plenty of options to choose from. Here's what you need to know about buying dad hats, the different types available, and how other people are wearing these cotton caps.

What is a Dad Hat?

A dad hat is just another term for a baseball cap or a cotton ball cap, but the history behind it goes much deeper than that. Here's what you need to know.

Origins of the Dad Hat

Dad hats are really just your basic ball cap, which has origins in the sport of baseball. In 1860, the Brooklyn Excelsiors wore a similar style hat during games, which caused the style to become a popular trend. Nearly eighty years later, increased access to latex rubber caused the hats to take the shape many people know them as today.

Why Is It Called a Dad Hat?

That term dad hat is simply a nickname for a special type of baseball cap made from canvas or cotton with a slightly curved brim. It took on this name because men of a certain age, many of which are parents, generally prefer this style.

What Are Dad Hats Called? Do They have other nicknames?

There are numerous names for dad hats, and they all mean the same thing. A few of the most common nicknames include a cotton cap, baseball cap, or a floppy cap. People also refer to them as ball caps or just simply caps.

The Dad Hat Trend

Dad hats first became a trend in the 1990s. Men of all ages started throwing on a ball cap to hide receding hairlines or to keep the sun out of their eyes during outdoor activities. Some people even claim the trends started thanks to the number of free hats given out at events during this decade. Now, both men and women understand the chic style that wearing baseball cap offers.

Celebrities That Wear Dad Hats

Of course, it is easy to find celebrities wearing baseball caps. Justin Bieber, Leonardo DiCaprio, Denzel Washington, and others are all known for rocking this trend. President Barack Obama sometimes wears one during casual events and book signings. And fans have spotted female celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, and the Kardashians wearing so-called dad hats in public.

Types of Dad Hats

A man wearing a dad hat in a convertible car. A man wearing a dad hat in a convertible car.

While it might seem like all baseball caps are alike, there are actually dozens of different styles to choose from. Here are a few of the most common ones.

Men's Dad Hats

Dad hats for men come in a wide range of colors, styles, and themes. Whether you want to honor a specific NFL team or just have a special message you want to tell the world, there’s a hat out there for you.

Grab this hat from here!

Cool Dad Hats

Finding awesome baseball hats that showcase who you are and your unique sense of style isn’t difficult. There are tons of cool hats on the market that are both fashionable and fun.


Cheap Dad Hats

Of course, most baseball hats are not expensive to purchase. If you’re looking for cheap caps, there are many options available.

Cheap dad hats Wholesale for everyone has plenty of cheap hats to choose from!

Vintage Dad Hats

For the ultimate dad hat look, try going for something vintage. From designs featuring small-town high school teams to those marketing your local auto parts store, there are tons of whimsical hats out there. You can even get a vintage army hat if that is your style.


Designer Dad Hats

Top designers from around the globe have all caught on to the growing dad hat trend. Think big names like Balenciaga, Gucci, Brioni, and others.

Funny Dad Hats

Baseball caps are a great way to show off your sense of humor. Funny dad hats come embolized with hilarious pictures, slogans, sayings, and much more.


Blank Dad Hats

Of course, not everything needs a witty saying or message. Blank dad hats come in nearly every color of the rainbow and feature plenty of room to add your own design.

blank dad hat Wholesale for everyone has plenty of blank hats and colors to choose from!

Graphic Dad Hats

Looking for a canvas baseball cap with a specific graphic? There are designs completely ranging the gamut from those depicting logos from 90s sitcoms to ones that show the sunset.

graphic dad hat has some pretty cool graphic hats. Check out this NASA hat!

Anime Dad Hats

Anime fans will love that they can purchase dad hats with their favorite characters. Think of your favorites series like Pokemon, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball, Naruto, and others. Want a hat with the main character on it? You can find it.

anime dad hat Gotta catch 'em all! Check out this Pokemon Trainer hat!

Baseball Dad Hats

In some cases, baseball hats really depict sports teams. If you’re an MLB fan, it isn’t too hard to find a cap that showcases your favorite team. There are plenty of places to get these hats too. You can find it online on sites like Amazon, you can go to the store, or you can even get one at an actual MLB baseball game.

baseball dad hat Amazon has a great selection of low priced baseball team hats!

Strap Back Dad Hats

If you love a tight fit, a strap back dad hat might be the best choice for you. Like other baseball caps, these hats come in a variety of styles and colors.

strap back dad hat Check out this unstructured cotton twill mesh cap with a strapback from

Cute Dad Hats

Looking for cute baseball caps? There are tons of styles that look great on both men and women, making it easier than ever to cover up a bad hair day.

cute dad hat This cute hat can we worn by anyone. Pick it up from Amazon!

Embroidered Dad Hats

Another popular baseball cap style is one that includes embroidery. These stitched designs are generally common with promotional hats for companies, sports team hats, and other similar varieties.

embroidered dad hat Check out this embroidered hat from Krudmart

Black Dad Hats And White Dad Hats

For an accessory that easily matches any style, look no further than black dad hats. These monochromatic baseball caps match with basically any casual outfit. If you want to wear your new baseball cap out in the sun, the most comfortable choice is a white hat. The color of these dad hats is much cooler, which helps reduce sweat if you’re going to be outdoors on a sunny day. Get both of these hats here.

blank dad hatswhite dad hat

How to Wear a Dad Hat

Finding the perfect addition to your collection of dad hats is easy. Wearing one is just as simple. Here’s what you need to know about how to wear a dad hat.

Dad Hat Style

The style of dad hat you choose makes a difference in how you wear it. For example, some have a smaller bill that curves slightly, while others prefer a floppier design. Others have a flat bill, which looks just slightly different during wear.

Wearing a Dad Hat

After you’ve selected your perfect baseball cap, it is time to decide when you want to wear it. Simply put, wearing a ball cap is acceptable for just about any casual setting such as the gym, grabbing lunch with friends, or attending a sporting event.

Wearing a Hat with Long Hair

Do you have long hair and want to know how to wear dad hats? There are a couple of ways to do this. You can opt to tuck your hair behind your ears before you put the cap on. Or, if you’re wearing a strap back hat, you can tie your hair back and place it through the gap.

Dad hat with long hair Like this style of hat Men or woman with long hair can get this hat here!

Where Can I Buy Dad Hats?

Man wearing a baseball cap outdoors ina a field. A man wearing a baseball cap outdoors in a field.

There are many retailers out there that offer quality baseball caps at a wide range of price points. Keep reading to learn about our favorite retailers.

Nike Dad Hat

Nike sells baseball caps at numerous retailers and online. From the actual Nike Store to most sporting good chains, it isn’t too difficult to find dad hats with that iconic swoosh.

Nike Dad hat Like this Nike Air hat? Check it out here!

Polo Dad Hats

Ralph Lauren’s Polo brand also sells numerous varieties of baseball caps. Purchase them at major department stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom, Amazon, plus any official Ralph Lauren Polo store.

Polo dad hat You can get this polo hat and plenty of other ones from Amazon

Adidas Dad Hat

Much like Nike, there are lots of ways to buy Adidas baseball caps including online and at sporting goods brick-and-mortar retail stores.

Adidas dad hat Adidas is a very popular clothing brand. You can get this type of hat off amazon right here!

Dad Hats Wholesale

Are you looking for wholesale hats? Usually, you’ll want to go to a promotional product or screen printing company that can not only help you get baseball hats in bulk but can also assist you with customizations.

Here is ours where we have plenty of styles and sizes so that you can find the perfect one. We can do custom printing with hats here too as well if you need a hat for your recreational baseball team or to just wear around.

Amazon Dad Hat

One of the most convenient ways to purchase dad hats is on Not only do they have nearly every style imaginable, but they also have several name brands, too.

amazon Want clothes and hats from Amazon? Check them out here!

Zumiez And Lids Hats

At your local mall? Check out Zumiez and Lids. Zumiez is a skating gear stores that offers plenty of different styles of dad hats to help fill your collection. Also located at retail malls, Lids is a store that is totally dedicated to selling hats. They have an expansive selection, too.

Supreme Hats

A popular skateboarding brand, Supreme sells hats in numerous sizes, styles, and colors.

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So, are you ready to show off your favorite hats? We can’t wait to see them!

What Kind of Hat Do You Have?

Finding your favorite style of baseball cap is important. Share with us your favorite and why you love it so much.

Where Did You Get Your Hat?

Help out others who are looking for the best hats for sale. Let us know where you purchased yours.

Where Do You Wear Your Hat?

With hats becoming more popular than ever, there are a ton of places to wear one. We want to know your favorite locations and occasions to wear yours.

Do You Have a Picture of Your Favorite Hat?

Pics or it didn’t happen! We want to see you with your favorite baseball cap on.

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