If you order 5000 pieces or more, you can choose between silkscreen or rotary. As the quantity increases rotary offers faster production time and better pricing and more design color options.Rotary Printing starts with white cloth, Your design is printed on one side of the bandana, with colors being pushed thought to back, which is more noticeable on a dark background than on a light background.

With rotary printing the in is absorbed into the cloth and cannot be felt hen you rub your hand over it. As a result, you get a softer feeling bandana.

Edge-to-edge printing is possible with rotary printing, but only certain layouts will work. Our production department must approve your design, Our staff can also recommended changes that will allow your design to be printed edge-to-edge. If your design cannot be printed edge-to-edge, the imprint size is the same as on a silkscreen order.

Rotary printing starts with white cloth. Each color in your design is printed directly on white cloth - making colors vibrant and true. PMS Colors can be easily matched. We can print up 8 spot colors. While we cannot print process color designs with rotary, we can get a similar look. This requires printing your design in 5 to 8 colors. Our art department can help you determine the numbers of color required based upon your design.

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