Hats are cool, hats are in, and you know you need more.

But with all the styles, types, and designs, you can easily be overwhelmed. Where do you start, and how do you choose?

It all has to do with the shape of your face. The right hat style and size for you is the one that best complements your face shape – one that works with the shape.

Get it right, and you'll look great wearing your new hat – trendy, stylish, sexy, comfortable, or whatever you want. Get it wrong, and... well, the results won't be so great.

Not sure what to do? We've got you covered with this video tutorial.

Remember, though, choosing the right hat for your face shape is only half the battle. You still need to know where to get those quality hats at a great price and with great customer service.

Just scroll on down after watching this video.


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