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Refusing to Throw a Life Away – Hope for Shelter Dogs

Getting Dogs Back on the Adoption List with Baby Steps

, July 03, 2019

A few weeks ago, we told you about Ashley Gibson and the great work she does with McKamey Animal Center in our blog post titled "Hope and Bandanas for Shelter Dogs at McKamey." Today, we've got an update for you. But, first, to set the stage, here's a little from that previous post . . .

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The 3 Keys to Effective Weight Loss and Increased Muscle Mass

Discover the 3 Essential Ingredients for Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle

, July 10, 2019

Now, metabolic rate isn't the whole story for weight loss and is determined in part by factors out of your control, such as age, sex, genetics, and body size. In addition to exercising and working out, you also need to do the small, easy things that will up your metabolic rate. Even small steps and seemingly insignificant adjustment can have a cumulative metabolic effect to result in weight loss and health benefits over time.

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The Not-So-Secret Ingredient of Our Success

Why Customers Keep Coming Back to Wholesale For Everyone

, July 17, 2019

Wholesale For Everyone is an online store where you do not need coupons and special deals and promo codes and the like. You don't need all that when you can get significant, daily, round-the-clock discounts on all items all the time – along with free shipping (with exclusive membership). Above all, we value our customers. That's why we always strive to provide superior customer service and to give back by supporting worthy causes when we can

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Self-Expression for Psychological Health

One More Reason Why Bandanas Are Good for You

, July 23, 2019

In our modern Western society, we are inundated with media messages and bombarded with images about how we should act, look, and think. As a result, many people are seduced into a kind of faux self-expression. They think that self-expression simply consists in going against the grain – flouting societal norms in the most outlandish or subtle way possible. Although that can be self-expression, it usually isn't true self-expression.

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