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The Chisholm Trail and Abilene, Kansas – Keeping Our Past Alive

One Woman's Efforts to Make the Past Present - Bringing the Chisholm Trail Back to Abilene, Kansas

, June 03, 2019

Now, thanks to people like Deb Sanders – owner/operator (along with her husband) of the Windmill Inn – we're being reminded of and learning a lot more about the role this state played in a romantic part of our past and in providing steaks and roasts to all those hungry folks back East. From her involvement with Abilene's Convention & Visitors Bureau, Deb realized that the Chisholm Trail, with all its fascinating local history, could be and should be another big tourist draw.

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The Original American Sport – Monmouth Furnace Vintage Base Ball

Old-School Base Ball From New Jersey

, June 08, 2019

Vintage base ball players do it mostly for a love of the sport in its purer, closer-to-original form. And also because it's loads of fun. But a lot of the men (and women, of course) who get involved in these re-enactments are also keen history buffs who simply want to bring a little of our past into the present and be involved in it, much Civil War re-enacters.

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The 2 Essential Steps for Better Health and Longer Life

2 Simple Things You Can Do to Be Healthier and Live Longer

, June 13, 2019

Once again your mother was right . . . when she told you not to put bad stuff into your body. You know, things like cigarette smoke, drugs, too much alcohol, and junk food – which you probably did anyway when you were young, but try to avoid now that you're older and wiser. Why would you want to keep consuming substances that are toxic, capable of inducing adverse reactions ranging from headaches to ADD to even seizures? You likely wouldn't if you knew what they were and how bad for you they really are.

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Read the Remarkable Story of Young Lives Restored at Sozo Missions

Sozo Missions – Providing Hope and Love for At-Risk Teens

, June 20, 2019

Former gang member Dwayne Parker is the founder and director of the inner-city outreach Sozo Missions. His goal is to help kids coming out of juvenile prison and foster care, as well as to give the needed guidance to others to keep them from going down that road. Dwayne and his staff and volunteers work primarily with elementary and middle-school kids, providing love and meals to the kids. His staff spend one-on-one time with kids and provide ongoing support, visiting them in their homes and even attending their graduations.

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One Easy Way to Make More Money with Greater Passive Interest Income

Make Money the Easy Way with Passive Income From Higher Savings Interest

, June 26, 2019

One huge obstacle to making any real effort at saving is the typical low interest rates banks and credit unions and other financial institutions offer on savings accounts. There's just not much incentive to save. My bank, for example, has an APY (or annual percentage yield) of just slightly more than half a percent, 0.55%. Half a percent is pitiful enough, but it gets much worse . .

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