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Cancer Link – Raising Funds to Beat Breast Cancer

Find Out About the Some Dedicated Women Working to Defeat Breast Cancer

, September 02, 2019

Miami's Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Treatment Center is at the forefront of treatment advances that have helped to reduce breast cancer rates - in large part because of groups like Cancer Link, an all-volunteer group that has raised over $3 million to promote breast cancer research at Sylvester and has made major contributions in promoting breast cancer awareness and early detection. Discover more.

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The 2019 Talimena Rally – Another Success in Helping Kids With Cancer

Improving Cancer Treatment and Moving Toward a Cancer Cure - $43,000+ Raised for Kids at St. Jude

, September 10, 2019

This year's rally was a resounding success. Funds delivered to St. Jude to help the kids out totaled an impressive $43,095.57. And that brings the total donated over the past seven years to over $200,000. But the success of the Talimena Rally isn't measured in dollars alone.

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5 Irresistible Ideas for Handkerchief Crafts . . . And More

DIY Gift and Craft Projects for Vintage and New Handkerchiefs

, September 24, 2019

Handkerchiefs can be used for easy DIY projects to make gifts for friends or family. You can also use them to make adorable wedding and baby-shower favors. And, of course, handkerchiefs lend themselves admirably to the making of holiday decorations. Really, you are limited only by your imagination and creativity – and it's not as difficult as you may think.

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